February 8, 2011

Crazy Eight Sale

 Woo Hoo!  It's the eighth of February!  Why is that exciting?  Well, I am sure lots of great or not great things happened on this day in history, but I am celebrating because it has an 8 in it and I just got done listing over 30 sale items in my Etsy shop that are $8 each.  And I like things that rhyme and stuff, so I am calling it the CRAZY EIGHT SALE!  Yeah, I am just that crazy!

 I have discounted some things that have been sitting for a while, added some crazy things that were experimental or tests, and added some items that are regularly priced at $8.  So, it's quite a mix.

 The sale is on until they are all gone, but you better check it out now to get your favorites, because almost everything is a one of a kind or discontinued item, the likes of which will not be seen again.  Oh, and don't forget the flat rate $2 US shipping in the shop, so you can get one or a bunch, and pay just two bucks for shipping.

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