January 28, 2011

Woodland Storytime Necklace at Lima Beads

Here is another piece I made for the Lima Beads Design Gallery using one of my toggles that Lima just launched on their site and a fat little owl pendant along with a bunch of other fun stuff that I got from a recent Lima shopping spree.

I tried a few new things in this piece... I used chain and silk together, knotting it at 2" intervals for a great textured effect.  I don't think I have EVER knotted chain before, and it is pretty cool.  I ended that with a cone (see below for some step by step pictures of that technique).  And I used that awesome leafy dangle chain as a bail to dangle the owl from the toggle.  I don't know why that has never occurred to me to try!  I will be using all of these techniques again!
So here are some close ups of the cone ending.  At the end of the lengths of chain and silk (both doubled in half where they started at the clasp) I made the final knot with the silk and chain together. I used a piece of wire with a loop at the end to make an eyepin to connect to a link on each chain, close to the knot, and then trimmed the chain down so the last links are on the eyepin.
I stung a cone onto the wire, sliding it down to cover the eye of the pin and getting the knot as far into the cone as I could.
Then I simply made a wire wrapped loop at the top of the cone to finish it off.  This part attached to a jump ring to continue the length of the necklace.  You can use this same technique on both ends of a necklace with two cones, but this necklace only needed one because the silk and chain started at the clasp.

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  1. SO beautiful, and I love the mix of techniques you've used here!! Your earthy toggle is wonderful, and the owl is just adorable. What a great piece!

  2. Thanks for sharing the tips, I just go my ribbons from Lima :-D