January 7, 2011

Website Update

I am slowly getting the Earthenwood website stocked with inventory.  I have about a third of the products back up, so that's a good start!  Some of the items have several color choices, like the Veined Leaf Pendants above. I am not activating the products until I have at least one of each item, so it takes a while.  I am also carefully editing down to my best sellers and items I want to continue to carry.

I have really been enjoying the process of getting up in the morning, unloading the kiln, sorting the stock items, and entering them into the website.  It is very satisfying.  The trick for me will be to keep the inventory in place and not "steal" from it for designing or shows without forgetting to change the quantities on the site.  I am sure I will get used to it, I just need to keep vigilant about it!

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  1. OMGosh! these are gorgeous, they look good enough to eat with all their shiny-ness.....very cute indeed! ;o)

    Found your blog through the Bead Soup Party list...I have emailed Lori today for sign up to this {my first time!}

    Hope you are having a fab weekend...


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. I let my mom pick out earrings for Christmas and she chose the pair I'd made with your leafy pendants and some twisty aqua glass.