January 5, 2011

Shimmer Keys on my Bead Table

 I have fallen in love with making these Shimmer Keys!  Over the last year I have collected these old keys during my visits to flea markets and antique stores.  I really liked the flat ones for some reason, and I kept collecting more and more of them.
 I finally did some experimenting with coloring resin and applying a painterly layer to the keys.  I wish I could better photograph the wonderful iridescent finishes on these keys.  They are magical!
I have used up about half of my keys and I am still experimenting!  I listed the first batch in my Etsy shop, each matched with a ring (which would make a great toggle, by the way).  I ran out of little measuring cups for resin, so now I have to wait a while to do more. I am looking forward to stringing up some jewelry designs with these and experiment with more colors.  Which ones are your favorites?  What colors would you like to see?

BTW, did you see the new Flickr group that Heather from Humblebeads put together?  It's called Bead Table Wednesday (btw for short).  I think this is a really fun idea and I added the photos above to show what's on my bead table today!

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  1. I love the shape and color of the tealish one! And greens are of course always a favorite for me. I bet the rusty colors will sell well because they're very steampunk!

  2. Wow - the keys are phenomenal! I seriously love the colors in the first pic! It reminds me of fire and I love playing with fire!

  3. Those are wonderful. I love the purplish one and the teal one. How fun are they!!!

  4. Looks very much like enamel!! Wonderful!

  5. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your feedback!