January 8, 2011

Response Saturday: Shimmery Washers

 As you may have seen in my posts earlier this week, I have been experimenting with tinting resin and adding shimmery visual textures with various powders and applying the resin to old hardware.  I started with old flat keys and love them!  Each resin is so different from the next, as I add more colorants after coating each item.  I decided I should use the same color of resin and apply it to an old rusty washer so each key would have an accent piece that matched.  I think these would be great toggle clasps or would work as links.  I already designed a necklace using the keys and washers, but it is for a magazine, so it has to be secret for now.  I will definitely continue this exploration... as soon as I get some more little measuring cups for resin this week!

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  1. these are so pretty, & they really do look like they are enameled. Are you using Ice resin? (I have a starter syringe I haven't used yet & worry I won't have enough 'projects' once I open it!)I think that green is gorgeous.

  2. They are pretty and I can't hardly believe these were once plain old washers I wouldn't normally look twice at!

  3. Those are really nice. I thought they were enameled. Love the colors.


  4. Thanks everyone! Yes, I am using Ice Resin. I really like it and find it easy to work with!

  5. I totally thought you were enameling these! What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing, Melanie!
    Enjoy the day.