January 6, 2011

Hinged Keys

I took two of the more earthy Shimmer Keys and made these more elaborate pendants with them using Vintaj Arte Metal hinges that I had on hand.  They came together surprisingly easily; the keys seemed to fit right in when I sandwiched them between two of the hinges and screwed them together with the miniature nuts and bolts.  They are not true hinges, just decorative, which allows for unique design possibilities.
I am tempted to keep this one for myself and maybe just add a simple chain to both of the jump rings.  I think these pendants could be used with the loops of the keys up or down in a necklace, as the rings swivel and can be turned either direction.

I think it could also be fun to have the loops pointing down so you could add even more drops or decoration.  I will surely be making more of these if I get keys the right size.  And now I am wondering what else I could put between these hinges!

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  1. What an awesome idea! The key and hinge combo is wonderful! And adding a bit of dangles... Very cool!

  2. You absolutely amaze me. You come up with the most incredible idea! Love them! They almost look like they have wings!

  3. Oh man. You know I am just drooling over these! I love it! I did use one of those hinges for a piece that I did with Vintaj for a spotlight. So cool. You know what I thought of when I saw those? The flying keys in the first Harry Potter movie! You are a rockstar of being open to new an intriguing ideas, Melanie! I want you to rub off on me!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Erin, ooh yeah, flying keys! Fun! I bought a whole package of the hinges with no solid plans, so I am glad I figured out something to do with them! Next I want to sandwich a little bottle between them.

  5. Erin just said what I was thinking - Harry Potter flying keys! You've just gotta do it! Puh-leeze? :)