January 19, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

 oops, I almost forgot about Bead Table Wednesday!  I was so overwhelmed with my tax rant this morning!  I managed to finish my tax stuff and did some errands and then I spent a couple of hours playing around in the studio.  I did make a few things, but it didn't feel like a terribly successful session.  I learned things and found what didn't work, so that's something.
 I was playing with cutting windows out of brass pieces, painting brass, doming, and cold connecting. The hammering wasn't giving me the textures i was hoping for, so I might need to get into some stamps soon.
Oh, and I also played around with my newer camera.  I bought it for the Bead Cruise last year and intended for it to be the camera I carry around to events, but I really don't do that.  I use my Ipod for that.  I realized that if I end up getting a new laptop... a Mac... I will not be able to use the ancient camera that I use right now for my bead pics, so I better get used to this new one.  I am pretty pleased with the pic above, so I know it is possible...I just have to play around and remember how I did it!
Anyway, that's what is on my bead table today.  Check out the BTW Flickr group to see what everyone else is working on!

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  1. Love that pendant! I will be posting my entry for January soon... I hope you like it!
    Enjoy the day!