January 12, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

 Today on the table, I have some ingredients to make more Hinged Pendants with Shimmer Keys and Vintaj Arte Metal hinge components.  I ended up making two of the pendants, but I only used one of the keys pictured.  One of the other keys ended up in a necklace, but I didn't take a pic of the ingredients of that one.
 Here are my ingredients for Lorelei's Fusion Beads Reader Challenge.  Still expecting another couple of parts for that, but it was good to get it all laid out.
I really like BTWs because it forces me to spend a little time in the beading studio, which I don't often get to do.  Of course, with the state of my studio at the moment (see above...ouch) I had to do some major cleaning before I made anything.  I spent about 2 hours sorting, gathering more scrap silver to send to the refinery, and daydreaming.  But I did make one full necklace and two pendants, and my table is ready for another work session soon!

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