December 3, 2010

Words at my Fingertips

 I am a little in love with these simple and cute new rings I made as stocking stuffers for the show this weekend!  I pulled out the word stamps that I made years ago and made up these little flat pebbles with some of my favorite words.
  I didn't have a plan for the glazing until I got a special request for something totally different which also involved the word stamps.  I thought I would try the pewter glaze brushed into the words and then wiped away and then a transparent colored glaze over that.

I ended up with these great adjustable rings in lots of colors which are unified by the dark letters.  This technique takes a lot longer than glazing with a single transparent color, but the results were always so varied with the colors, so this is a good solution!  I will be listing these on Etsy next week after my show...

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  1. I love these! Do you have any that say dance? I definitely need a dance ring :) I hope they're a BIG hit at the show!

  2. AJ, I don't have any in stock with "dance" on them, but I can make one! Got a color preference?

  3. Yes, green please! Any green will do, whichever one you feel like working in. There's not a green I don't like :)