December 15, 2010

Woodland Treasures

 This is a recent series that sprouted up in the middle of my last craft fair. On the second day of the show, having sold out of one popular style, I brought along these pretty copper leaf sprig centerpieces and strung them up with the handful of little Terra Trinket charms that I had on hand.  They were just as popular as the sold out item that I was replacing, I am pleased to say!
 I noticed that this particular audience appreciated the cute, earthy nature themes that I had in my booth, which has me excited to return to that style next year.  I got many new ideas for jewelry and display and it feels good to come back to natural motifs after working with the industrial and steampunk themes I have been focused on for the past couple of years.  It has almost been like they have been two separate interests (the industrial and the natural themes).  Perhaps I will seek a way to combine them in future works.

I call the series Woodland Treasures and have listed several of the Sweet Sprig necklaces and related items in the Earthenwood Etsy Galleria.

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  1. Lovely pieces! I especially like the first one. I have that same nature/industrial division in my printmaking--I think you could do some really neat stuff by combining the two in your jewelry.

  2. I love the first piece at the top!! and then the bird is sweet too. I agree that today's crowds at the fairs are more interested in the nature inspired even here in Las Vegas. nice work.

  3. I think The Watchmaker's Apprentice could be a good jumping-off point for combining natural elements and steampunk/industrial elements! And the escutcheons with more natural finishes and designs, like the one I have that is brown-green with a floral pattern.