December 25, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Oi to the World

Well, technically, it is the last Song Lore Saturday of the year!  I have another transitional one for next week to ring in the new year planned for next week.  This week's song is another holiday favorite of mine.
Oi to the World is a great old-school ska song about racial unity and bringing together all of humankind.  It's gritty, violent, and tells a great story.  I must admit I first heard the No Doubt cover of it, which has led me to the original by the Vandals.  I have posted both songs below for you.

This week's piece is a series of parts made with mixed metals (including a Vintaj Arte Metal compass and an old key), Urban Steel resin clay, and some white paint.  The background of the clay piece is the iconic Ska black and white checkers, which always makes me think of the racial unity message that the Two Tone artists in particular were trying to promote with the music.  I cut it in a circle to represent the world and added the compass which makes me think of maps of the earth.  The found metal key and screw have an urban feel to them which matches the metallic surface of the clay.  I must admit, it is a pretty loose interpretation of the song, but my more literal attempts were not successful, so I opted for components with a cohesive look rather than making something overtly Christmassy.
I would like to wish you all a very merry christmas and happy holiday season!  Oi to the world, mates!

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