December 9, 2010

Beads Baubles and Jewels! Building an Architctural Style

Oops! I disappeared for a little while here!  I have been busily working on my next project, which needed a few days of devoted attention.  I am leaving today to go to the Cleveland area to Beachwood Studios to tape a couple of segments for the upcoming season of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels!  While I had designed the samples for my segments several weeks ago, I needed to spend all of the last few days working on more samples for the step outs for the demos and some finished jewelry samples in variations on the original item.  Plus I had to write up the instructions and the materials lists... It's a lot of little stuff that adds up!

One of the segments I am doing is Building an Architectural Style.  The concept is based on all of the "building" and home repair stuff that has been going on around my house and city lately.  I wanted to incorporate industrial textures and colors with some actual found objects (screws, rusty washers, old hardware) and blend them into house shaped pendants. I used an epoxy clay called Apoxie that I got from Sherri Haab's Shop to make all of the samples.  It was really fun to make something out of a clay-like substance that is different than my usual ceramic materials.  I am very interested in exploring new materials lately, so this feels right at "home"!

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