November 6, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Poor Skeleton Steps Out

 Last week's Song Lore post was the song "Bones" and while it was a good experiment, it didn't turn out the way I expected and hoped.  I had intended to use real animal bones from my collection to press into clay for texture, but took a different direction to play with some new materials.  The bone-pressing idea was still on my mind though, so I decided to do it this week.  During the week, I went to a thrift store and found a bag of toy dinosaur skeleton bones along with another skeleton toy.  I bought them and my brother gave me a plastic spine that he had for using in clay, too!  This was a much better idea than using the real bones, which are very fragile, plus they have more detail and interesting shapes.  So I started pressing them into clay!
 I am really excited about these pendants.  They are making me think backwards and inside out!  Let me see if I can explain.  Usually when I make an imprint or carved line into clay, it gets glazed with a color that pools darker in the crevasses.  I have been using a new technique/glaze combination of a dark base with a white crackle glaze in the cracks...I used this on the fence pendants. Using this technique, when I press something into the clay, I have to switch my mind to think of it as being light instead of dark.  Sort of like this:
 See what I mean?  It's in reverse!
 Earlier this month, I carved this little skull head with the intention of pressing it into clay as a stamp for this very effect. I hadn't used it yet and I love how the addition of the texture of the plastic spines adds to the skull.  I can't wait to see how these will turn out.  Maybe a little like this:
Today's song inspiration is "Poor Skeleton Steps Out" by XTC.  Here is a video of a neat walking skeleton paired with a demo version of the song by Andy Partridge.

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  1. These fossil pieces look very cool! Off to check out the vid now

  2. These look very cool. Must show the skull pendants to my sis who really likes skulls and skeletons (in jewellery and on clothes, not the actual ones).

    I'd missed the white crackle glaze. It looks fab -- love the "crackled paint" look on the dark background!