November 28, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Jeane

 Welcome to the second Song Lore post this week, since I skipped a week.  It's a Smiths double header weekend.  Today's song is "Jeane".  I think I first heard this song as a Billy Bragg cover, actually, and then discovered it was written by Morrissey.
So, as a side track... when I started the Song Lore posts earlier this year it was a challenge to myself.  I wanted to make new work regularly and give myself the weekly goals.  But I was also going through so much emotional stuff at the time with the divorce and creating a new life for myself... I didn't really want to focus on all that stuff in my artwork.  I thought I would choose songs I love and they would provide a more distanced source of inspiration so I wasn't drowning in inspiration from my personal life. heh. Well that worked to some degree, as I have done a few purely fun songs that have been unexpected inspirations.  But for the most part, I ended up choosing songs that expressed thoughts I was having or things I was going through.  I realized this a few months into the project and just decided to run with it.  It makes sense, honestly, because the music I listen to is very much related to my emotions and memories and thoughts.  So eventually, in the last couple of months, I started specifically looking for songs to set the mood for things I wanted to make....still serving as inspiration, but a little less organically discovered than I thought they would be when I started the project.
So I have had plumbing done recently and was noticing how cool the plumbing parts look and wanted to create some jewelry components based on them.  I started looking for a song about plumbing and didn't have much luck.  But I did remember this lyric from the song "Jeane" about a sink, very cold and sad.  I won't say much more than that I have related to these words in my life, but not for some time now.

"Jeane, There's ice on the sink where we bathe
So how can you call this a home
When you know it's a grave?
But you still hold a greedy grace
As you tidy the place
But it'll never be clean, Jeane "
So I made my plumbing part components out of porcelain and I am pleased with them.  For the centerpiece, I made a classic four petaled bathtub faucet knob, which I want desperately for my bathtub.  Alas, the recent plumbing work included the plumber looking at the old leaky faucet in the bathtub and estimating that it would be more than I can currently afford to replace it, so I will be saving up for another time.
Here is a video for the Billy Bragg version of the Smiths' "Jeane"

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