November 27, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Ask

Well I ended up having to skip last week for Song Lore Saturday.  I'm just too busy with the holidays!  I hope to continue the rest of the year.  There are really only 5 left! Anyway, I hope to make up for last week with two song posts this weekend.  And there is a theme...The Smiths!  Before you worry that the music is part of an emo-filled weekend, fear not!  I am in very good spirits actually.  I don't listen to the Smiths too often anymore, they are just a bit too depressing.  They are almost a guilty pleasure.  I do adore them, but I did spend too many long evenings of my teenage years alone in the dark, sadly crooning along with Morrissey. I do think it is amazing music and he has some amazing lyrics that have really stuck with me over the years.  Here are some sketches I did for pieces inspired by the song "Ask".
"Ask me, ask me, ask me
Because if it's not love, then it's the bomb
That will bring us together"

I wasn't able to bring these pieces to life yet, but really enjoyed sitting at my kitchen table sketching them wile looking at images online.  I am strangely amused by the twisted idea of the threat of annihilation bringing people together, as a last resort, instead of love bringing them together.  I decided to create "love bombs".  I was looking at images of real missiles and bombs, which was depressing, so I looked up cartoon ones instead. Lots of cutesy anime and video game images came up, which is a regular source of inspiration.  I also thought of this image from the Green Day American Idiot album that I have always loved:
I actually think this would be a good line of beads.  Kinda fun, kinda punky.  What do you think?  Should I bring them to life in clay?

Here is a video for the Smiths' "Ask"

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  1. They'd be awesome in clay. I'm a massive Green Day fan :o)