November 7, 2010

Postcards and Treasures and Extra Links

 Here are pictures of some more treasures I found at an antique show last weekend.  I didn't find much, the show was made up of all the things I don't like about antique shows and stores.  Mostly high end glassware and ceramic and china dishes and silverware and lots of costume jewelry.  But one of the last booths we saw had a bunch of postcards and buttons and little items, so I picked up these things.

I am in love with these leather postcards!  I bought them to cut them into strips and add to something, maybe a leather cuff bracelet, maybe with eyelets?  Lots of possibilities here.

I also love these Dutch-American postcards, too.  They are so colorful and I love the Dutch sayings on them.  So very cute!  I will be going to another antique mall for my birthday, so I hope to find even more treasures!

Here are this week's Extra Links:

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  1. great finds! Are those keys in top photo? Do you know what for?

  2. The leather postcards are really unique. Never seen anything like them. Like your idea of a cuff. There are not a lot of good antique places in Las Vegas, but I went to Old Downtown with a friend on Friday and bought two wooden carved chair legs for display use in a upolstery shop and 3 styrofoam heads at the best costume shop in Old Las Vegas. It would be really funny if I could attach the heads to the legs. Alas, I have no ankle jewelry to sell. . . LOL

  3. ArtSnark, yes they are keys, but I don't know what for. They all came from the same place. I like them!

    Chocholic, LOL that's funny! Sounds like a good time!