November 3, 2010

Holiday Plans

wow, I can't believe it is November already!  I am starting to think about the holidays and the last shows of the year.  I made some changes to my schedule this year.  I usually do the Potters Market during the first week of December, which is an amazing show!  But it is also a ton of work.  I decided not to do it this year for the first time in probably almost a decade.  I made this decision when I was planning to be a vendor at Tucson in February, but I decided not to do that either (I just couldn't justify the expenses and the amount of work I would need to do for 3 months or so).  But I think it was a good decision anyway...  I needed some change.  In place of the Potters Market, I will be doing the Detroit Urban Art Fair (which is the same weekend) and I will be having a Home Studio Holiday show for the first time ever!  I have always wanted to do a show at my home, so this will be an experiment.  The home show is November 20th at my house in Hazel Park, MI.  If you are interested in more info about it, email me and I will give you all the details!
I am planning to have beads for sale, of course, but also finished jewelry, ornaments, and tiles, which I don't usually offer for sale.  After the home show, I will probably shift gears for the rest of the year, and try to get these gift items up in my Etsy Galleria, focusing on that instead of my usual beads and components for the holidays.  That's the current plan.  I have one last bead show this weekend in Evanston, IL, and then I am taking off a couple of days to celebrate my birthday with a quick road trip, and then it will be all about the holiday planning!

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  1. Are you going to have the "Queen of" pieces again?

  2. Those are super cool, Miss Melanie. Like something stolen out of time.
    Enjoy the day! Take time to breathe in that schedule!

  3. I love these pendants! They're beautiful!

  4. Thanks everyone! Michelle, i think I still have some from last there a queen that you are interested in?

  5. Hey, I didn't realize you and Diane were going to be at Ayla's Bazaar this weekend. I have company visiting, but she's sort of a beader, so we're going to try and make it down there briefly early in the morning. Have a safe trip!