October 7, 2010

Writing and the Wall

I have pictures to show you of my new windows!  It will have to wait until tomorrow.  I've had some computer issues today and of course it was on a day where I was overdue on some projects, so it's been rather stressful. Writing is difficult enough for me, but with all the distractions that have been happening around here lately, along with my Word program being incredibly wonky, I almost hit the wall today. Anyway, the day ended with my projects completed and mailed/emailed, sushi and some drinks for dinner, and a red velvet cupcake, so all is well now.  Well, it will be all well after a hot bath tonight.
Today I learned that I can use Google Documents to write something and save it as a Word Document, which was a great thing to learn!  That will make my future projects much more manageable...thanks google!  I also figured out (after an embarrassing amount of time trying) how to download pictures from my iPod Touch.  So I am sharing these three pictures I took of a log I saw at the nature center that has patterns written over its surface, probably the work of insects eating away at it.  It reminds me of some ancient writings or scribbles.
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