October 6, 2010

Windows of Discovery

Another day, new home improvements... I am up early today, waiting for the window installers to get here to put in new bedroom, bead room, and kitchen windows!  These are the worst, draftiest windows in the house, so I am hoping it will save money on the energy bills.  It will be nice to not have a draft where I sleep and to not have to use a space heater in my beading studio.  I threw the kitchen window into the mix because it is pretty ugly, and we finished remodeling that room earlier this year, so that is the finishing touch it needs.  Plus, it was the most difficult and one of the most expensive ones.  I still will have 6 windows that need to be replaced, but I will have to save up for next year.  That is not including the mess that is the windows that form the sun porch... that's a huge project in itself.  The home repairs never end...
I fell in love with this print when I saw these cuties peeking out at me from the corner of an antique shop over the weekend.  It's just a cheap print from the 70's and cost me $5.  Whoa...  As I was blogging this, I searched the painter's name and discovered that an artist by the same name murdered two people.  Creepy!  I am not sure if it is the same person... but it looks likely.  It's just a print, not the original, but it brings up some interesting feelings and questions.  If you made such a discovery, would you want to keep such a thing?  One of the things I love about antiquing is getting a sense of the history of things and I usually fantasize about warm and happy history, but in reality, I guess it cuts both ways.

On a more cheerful note, check out the neat thing Alex found!  It looks like a pair of glasses but there are all of these dials and numbers and sliding parts.  It is a pair of optometrist measuring glasses from before 1900!  I guess they measure your eyes for proper fitting glasses.  They are so unusual and steampunky!  He is thinking about having them fitted with his own prescription somehow so he can wear them as glasses.  They were a great find, and if he didn't buy them, I certainly would have!

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  1. You always find the coolest things. And I love how your home improvement adventures end up influencing your design! I love those hearts. I love their industrial-romantic feel. And those glasses would make any steampunker swoon! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you will be warm!
    Enjoy the day, Melanie!

  2. Wow, that is creepy about the print! I'd keep it, though. The really evil side of me suggests hanging it in your guest room and telling everyone who sleeps over about the murdering artist, but maybe you should just save the story for Halloween ;)

  3. Burn some sage, say a prayer and enjoy the owls!