October 23, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Mr Pitiful, Don't Fence Me In

 Today is new fence day at my house!  As I type, four guys are digging and hammering and cutting wood in the yard and getting that 6 foot dog-earred wooden privacy fence up in no time!  You may remember a post I made recently, facing my fears and declaring my intention to put that fence up myself.  Well, you know, I still believe in it, and think I can do whatever I put my mind to, but sometimes you have to take reality and time and energy into consideration.  As the weather started to cool and I got busier, I realized that I wouldn't be able to gather up the manpower or the time to learn all about fences and get it done before winter.  Sure, I could have waited for spring, but I spent so much time and sweat out in the yard this year, clearing that patch of land, I just really wanted it done.  So I hired a crew to do it for me.
 I am very happy with the decision, as I also decided that building a fence was not on my bucket list of things I want to experience in my life.  Now, next spring, when I have a fresh and clear canvas of a yard to work with, I can learn to do something that does interest me... growing some food items in the yard!  I don't really have a green thumb, but I think it would be great to have a tomato or bunch of basil that I have grown.  I think I will start small with container gardening.  I have a lot to learn, but I have all winter to do it, and after today I can look in my yard and get less of that feeling of overwhelming dread and more of a feeling of excitement and hope at the potential of the new space!
I made these new pendants while I have been working on the old fence in the yard and thinking about fences.  When I got the crackly white glaze, I thought it would make a perfect old white picket fence look. I was reminded of the lines in this fun song, Mr. Pitiful by Matt Costa:
"I hope that you see through your picket
I hope that you see through your big yard and white picket fence
To make amends, and still be friends, still be my friend"

With the dark background underglaze contrasted against the creepy white crackle, these pendants really have a dark feeling to them. They look like an old fence around a haunted house!  It's a little ironic, because the song inspiration is so very cheerful and upbeat. They turned out darker than I intended, but they really do reflect visually how I felt about the old fence.
 And I didn't get enough Talking Heads from last week, so here is a fence related song by David Byrne that has been haunting my brain, too: "Don't Fence Me In"

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  1. 1) my mom always says don't put someone out of work & 2) mint is way easy/prolific & tasty in your iced tea

  2. hehe, good advice! Also, mint is good for Mojitos!

  3. Stick with mint in containers...it spreads like a weed! Love love love the crackle glaze :)

  4. I have heard that about mint. I think I will stick to all containers for gardening, actually. Now that I have cleared the jungle, I just want to manage a small side area of perennials and the lawn.