October 30, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Bones

 With all the craziness of the week with the new fence and the refinance, I didn't have a lot of time to work on a Song Lore piece.  I also wanted to pick a song that was kind of spooky to celebrate Halloween.  I didn't begin to seriously think about it until last night and I have a full day of fun activities today, so I improvised instead of getting out the porcelain and working on the ideas I had. I'll save that for another time... maybe next week!  Instead, I grabbed the shipment of epoxy clays that I received in the mail from Sherri Haab's store.  My inspiration was the song "Bones" by the Killers and I was thinking about ribcages and spines.
Also during the day, I had been cleaning and sorting through some of my silver to send to be scrapped (wow, the price of silver is high...good time to sell!).  I came across all of these curved sterling noodle beads that I had purchased for kits for a project I wrote.  I pondered what I would ever do with all of them. They also reminded me of ribcage bones.  I set that thought aside and brought it back out when I had the idea to use the resin clays.  All these things came together to create these four pendants.

While I don't think the top pendants are very successful as being inspired by bones, they do look like some kind of fish or bug or trilobite, which is neat.  I think the bottom pendants are more spine-like, but not really.  All in all, I don't think this was a terribly successful song interpretation, but it was a good experiment with the materials on hand.  I found the concrete, copper, and steel clays a little tricky to work with, as they have a very short work time (just a few minutes), so if I am going to use them, I need a solid plan. They all have great textures to them and a nice metallic sheen.  The black epoxy clay had a much wider working time, so I can see making something with that as a base and adding the other resin clays to it.  I am excited to be able to embed stuff into the clay, so I will likely be adding gears and hardware and tiny bottles and watch parts to create something next time I work with it.  Also, the black clay comes in a variety of colors, which could be lots of fun to play with and combine.
Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!  Here is a great spooky video for "Bones" by the Killers:

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