October 8, 2010

New Windows!

New windows in more ways than one!  I have a batch of new Heart Window pendants cooling in the kiln now... they are in some brand new press that just came out (a cover!) so I will be getting them listed on Etsy very soon.  But of course, the other new windows are the five new windows gracing my house!
Here is a back view of the house, on the left is the bead room and the right is the bedroom.  Pretty new white windows!  They open and everything!  With screens in them!
Here is the side door with the other bead room window.  Also, that little awning has a piece of art that Alex made.  It was just a sample, he said, but I liked it and it fit in that space perfectly.
Here's the other bedroom window and the bathroom window that I had done last summer.  Looking good!
Finally, here is the big kitchen window. I guess it was the hardest for the guys to do because it was not level.  At all.  But they did a great job!  I have some work to do on the inside of that window... the sill and molding is all cracked paint and random nails and curtain hardware, so it needs a good scraping and repainting.  On the left of this picture is one of the original windows that I will have to have to save up to replace, maybe next year.  While it is a little sad to see the individual panes go, as they are quite charming, they are a pain in the butt to maintain and very expensive to repair and replace.  I'll take warmth instead, thanks.
Here's a collage of the old windows, cracked paint, bars, dusty blinds and all.  Much improvement, don't you think?

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