October 20, 2010

New Steampunk Wholesale Bundles to Benefit Andrew!

 Hey everyone!  If you are involved with the beading world, you probably heard that our fellow bead artist Andrew Thornton has had some recent medical expenses and could use some help.  Andrew is one of the most generous people I know and he has many, many times donated his time and art to help others.  So I wanted to do the same to help him, as are many others.  I couldn't figure out how to do an auction so I decided to hand pick two Wholesale Bundles that were such great sellers in my Etsy shop when I listed them before. 

There are two Viridis Machina bundles are listed in my Etsy shop now!  They are based around the Viridis Machina necklace project that Andrew wrote for the 2010 issue of Creative Jewelry that featured the large Toolbox Treasure pendant that I created.  These bundles each contain over $200 of my handcrafted beads and are priced below wholesale at just $100 each!  It's a really awesome deal if you are making things to sell or just love steampunk and want to make some cool stuff with Earthenwood components!

Please check out the bundles on Etsy and keep Andrew in your thoughts as he recovers...

Melanie is an artist, blogger, writer, and ceramic beadmaker at Earthenwood Studio. Her beads and components can be found at her Etsy shop and her jewelry can be found in her Etsy Galleria. To comment on this post, visit the original post at the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Blog.


  1. Thank you so much for your support! You're amazing. I had a dream again of my brother last night. It was different though. In the beginning, I was going to different thrift stores and antique shops with you and your brother. We were looking at art in one of the back isles; some of it was by some of my former classmates at SVA. We ran into my brother there and I woke up.

    Thanks again for your generous support! You rock!

  2. wow, that's a great dream. I think Jeremy and I would love to go antique shopping and art gallery hopping with you... that would be fun! Look out in the mail for a little gift that I had mailed to you too...