October 19, 2010

More Antique Store Finds

 I took a few pictures of things I liked and things I bought while antique shopping.  Above, some of the vintage Halloween stuff that I love so much!  I think that little paper pumpkin was priced at $125 so I didn't bring him home, ouch.  I liked him and the super scary cat, too!
 This lovely Pachinko board was really fun!  I think it worked, the sign said the steel balls were inside.  I have never seen one in action in real life... I would like to play it someday.
 I picked up a few clock keys for necklaces, although there was some debate with my friends about the actual purpose of the large one.  It seems too big for a clock and is cast iron, I think.  Whatever it is, it's neat looking.  I also found these milk top tabs quite charming, especially the chocolate and coffee cream designs.
 I also bought this old box of Rook cards.  It has a bunch of cards, a very nice old instruction booklet with lots of illustrations on aged paper.  The bird on each card is really cool looking and there is a ton of ornament around the design.  Even the box cover is neat looking.  I spent $10 on it and I think I will get a lot of use out of all the parts.

And finally, I can't pass up the bins of greeting cards and papers.  I found some calling cards and christmas cards with lots of nice detail which were very inexpensive.  Oh, and a house paint advertising card (that's the house image in the center).

I had a really good time shopping around and Alex and I decided to take a trip to the big antique mall in Ohio next month for my birthday!  We will get a hotel and spend 2 days poking around.  That sounds like a great way to spend my birthday this year!

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  1. LOOOOVE the cards! What a great find!

  2. Those Rook cards are amazing, Melanie! I wanna go shopping with YOU...