October 11, 2010

Heart Windows Back in Stock

I am still really tired after the weekend show.  I was not feeling well all weekend and am still recovering.  So I am taking today to do some stuff that needs to be done and get myself organized a bit.  I have no orders in process right now and just a couple things waiting for me to do, so I am enjoying the quiet today and getting my rest in while I can.

I managed to get a batch of the Heart Window pendants that are featured in the cover article of the latest issue of Bead Style made and listed on both my website and my Etsy shop!  I still have to fill the Etsy shop back up, but have been too lazy to get the box of inventory from the car to go through my listings.  Honestly, I am not terribly motivated, because I will have to unlist it all again for my show on Saturday.  But it feels weird to have such an empty shop! Maybe tonight...
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  1. Shows do take a lot out of you, don't they? I usually plan a day in bed with a book for the day after. Take care and don't run yourself down.

  2. The heart windows are lovely and your cracked hearts from your previous post are divine. A day in bed with a good book sounds like very good advice.