October 13, 2010

The Creepies

Yuck, I feel pretty crummy today, a little like these crusty skull charms! It's raining and I am still tired from not feeling well the last few days.  I started taking some new meds that I hope will help with the monthly fatigue and severe cramps, but other meds of this sort have brought other, possibly worse symptoms like migraine and depression.  It feels like I have to choose between two different ways of feeling bad, and I am not sure which is worse.  But I have hope that this new treatment will help...
When I showed the crusty skulls to Diane Hawkey at the Bead Bonanza, she said they looked like really old Jack O Lanterns... the kind made from rutabagas or turnips.  Kind of like this creepy Irish turnip lantern... isn't he spooky?  I just realized that it is almost mid October and I haven't watched any scary movies this month!  This must be remedied.  Do you have a favorite creepy scary movie?

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  1. I love your creepies! They are so cute. I have big desire for them!

  2. Thanks Andrew! I love the crackle glaze so much!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I found that what I took made me feel worse...so I went with the original way I felt...at least it was short term vs the meds which made me feel that way ALL the time.

    Scary movies...I like the original version of The Fog (the new one is just too overdone). Or what about Poltergeist? The clown flips me out everytime...Or The Seventh Sign--not scary in a monster type of way...but gives you something to think about.

    Bead Happy!