October 12, 2010

Bead Bonanza Pictures

 I forgot that I took some booth pics at the Bonanza!  I used my iPod Touch.  Actually, I took a little video too, but seem to have lost it.  I am still learning this thing.  Above, the wide shot of the whole booth!  I wasn't feeling well, so I went with the *elegant simplicity* booth.  White, china like plastic plates mixed with a few ceramic sushi dishes and all black.  I think it is very elegant looking, and I love that it takes very little effort.  I just have to print new labels for the plates (if I have added a new component that needs a new price) and that's about it.
 I think the white and black display really shows the colors of the beads off without distraction.
 Another Hipstamatic pic.  Still loving this photo application!
I proudly displayed the cover of the new Bead Style with my bead in the necklace!  Jess from Vintaj designed it and it's quite a beauty!
I have another bead show on Saturday, so I was hoping to make another batch of beads for that.  I kept the whole booth set-up packed away in the car, so at least I don't have to repack.  I can focus on making some new stuff this week! Gonna get to work!

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  1. Love the booth set up. I have my one and only show on Tuesday and I was looking for a way to set my things up. I don't think this will work for me, but I like the simplicity of it so that my eye is not competing with other patterns in your booth. And I love the Hipstamatic feature which is the only reason I would want one of those phones!
    Enjoy the day!