October 5, 2010

Antique Shopping Stash

 I wanted to share a few of the things I purchased over the weekend of antique and flea market shopping!  Today I'll show the collection of the little things that make me happy...

On the left is box of tiny poker chips.  I bought some larger cardboard chips earlier this year and I think these would be fun links if drilled with a hole on each side.  I was specifically thinking of pairing them with the new game piece links from Vintaj that I saw in their newsletter.  In front of the poker chips is a neat colorful plastic bangle bracelet (bakelite? I don't know much about the old plastics.  Heck, it could be from the 80's).  On top of that is a rubber tire with a compass inside of it.  I have a weakness for compasses, and I have been wanting a small tire to cast for the things I am making about Detroit.  In the center is an old treasure chest bank from a bank in Detroit.  Money can be inserted from the bottom and there is a key to open it up, but no key.  I think it was a bank promo item to get you to come in and unlock it and then open an account.  The colors on it were nice and I think I will use it as a photo prop. On the right side of the picture is a box of little corked glass vials that contain tiny watch hands.  I will get a lot of use out of this!  It was a steal at $5!  The vials are what interest me the most, actually.  Finally, a few dog license tags and a car wash token.
 You can see the base of this item in the top picture but here is a full pic.  It is a picture holder with wire loops that you can clip your cards or photographs onto and they fan out nicely.  I got this as an earring or pendant card holder for shows.  Another steal at $5!
Finally, I usually pick out a couple of old greeting cards or other paper ephemera. These were nice and wintery.  The left one is pretty, but the sentiment is odd.  It says: "cure your anger by silence". So strange...especially with the cold icy branches.  On the back it is signed "from Teacher and 1893.

I have even more goodies to show you, but I'll save some for tomorrow!

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