September 23, 2010

Through Improved Windows

Look at my shiny new window!  This is one of two with a vent!  I love them!  They make the outside of the house look much better and it's so much brighter in the basement now.  I am eager to see if it is warmer down there in the winter, because those old windows were so drafty.  I'll just show you the one close up, because they are all basically the SAME!  What a change from the mish-mash of weird and random window parts from yesterday
They are so pretty!  All eight of them.
Here's a pic of one side of the house, the one that we use most often.  We grill food out there and sit at the table to craft or eat and the dog likes to hang out on the driveway.  It looks so much nicer, now.  Next up are replacing a few of the house windows... I have 6 windows on order, so they should be ready in a month or so.  I decided I could afford about half of the house windows (damn bungalow with its million windows!!!)  so I am doing the bedroom and the second bedroom (aka the bead room) and that kitchen window that's high up on the wall in the picture above.  The two bedrooms are the draftiest rooms in the house, and they are two of the most used rooms, so I will be happy to have more warmth there in the winter. They are sort of Kludge windows too... see the X's made of random bars?  Two of the four of them don't even open in the summer, so that will be a nice change too. Maybe I will save up for the front windows for the spring.
And here is the back side of the house.  This past spring, this area was filled with weeds and shrubs and vines... a real jungle.  You may remember that when I cleared it out, it caused a disruption in the eco system and I had carpenter ants in the house, as well as a small leak in the basement.  I think the ants are under control now and Dad installed that gutter, so the leak is fixed.  I hope that in the next week or so, I can get the wire fence up and extended to the end of my house (do you see the end of the fence in the right side of the picture?).  I am still unsure about getting the privacy fence up in the rest of the yard, though.  That might have to wait until spring.

Today I am waiting for the cable guy to arrive.  I have finally had enough of Comcast and signed up for WOW while at the art fair last weekend.  I am looking forward to a lower bill and hopefully more consistent service.  Hopefully my next blog post will be from my new internets!

That's the wrap-up of what's going on at my house!

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  1. Wow, those windows look fantastic. I've always lived in old houses. We've got a bungalow too and fortunately the previous owners replaced all of the old windows. Before that it was a 120 year old Vitorian with virtually no modernization. So I can appreciate the maintenance issues.

  2. Awesome windows! Ahh owning an older home is such a challenge!

  3. You've been busy! Congratulations with everything! You really have a beautiful home, warm with lots of love, and I'm glad you are at a point now where you can make decisions about how you want the house to grow and change.

  4. thanks Andrew! Next time you come to visit, I hope the basement will be much less scary to show you! lol

  5. What a change! Those look really good. I need to do the same for my basement & your windows have given me some ideas.