September 3, 2010

TGIF: Friday Book Giveaway: Creative Paper Jewelry

I have been so excited for the start of Autumn this year and September starts it for me.  Even though I am not in school, some of my friends are either starting classes or getting ready to teach this fall, and it makes me remember my old school days.  I get that nervous excitement this time of year and I become a little obsessed with new books and supplies.  To celebrate September, I am going to devote each Friday to a book review/giveaway and each Saturday to a Song Lore post about school or memories of youth.  Let's start with today's book giveaway, which is related to school in a way: it features that important back to school staple: PAPER!

Creative Paper Jewelry by Dafna Yarom explores the world of lightweight and colorful jewelry components that you can make with very little cost and experience.  By using paper to make paper pulp which can be molded and manipulated and then decorated with fancy papers, paints, and glitters, a whole variety of pretty things can be made!  I like the way this book explores many aspects of using paper for jewelry and how it clearly shows the many different kinds of paper.  It shows a good variety of designs that are shown with step by step details for making the paper components, along with the basic jewelry making techniques used to create the projects.  I love the way the delicately detailed paper pieces are paired with metals and chains, sparkly glass beads, and light silks and ribbons.  If you are interested in learning some fun and beautiful new uses for paper, Creative Paper Jewelry will give you many inspired ideas!
I have one free copy of Creative Paper Jewelry to giveaway to one random commenter on today's post!  To enter to win, tell me what your favorite back to school supplies are (or were, back in your school days).

I will choose a winner next Friday, September 10th, when I will have another great book to give away!  Check back next week to see if you have won.

*FTC compliance disclosure: the book mentioned in this post was provided as a promotional gift for review or design purposes from Sixth & Spring Books, a division of SOHO publishing.

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  1. I love back to school supplies of all kinds. Markers, crayons, glue sticks, construction paper, you name it, I love it. :)

    Really want that book too, btw.

  2. Oh the heady anticipation of the start of school! Of course here in Australia the school year starts in February - after a long, glorious Summer. I loved getting a new pencil case - especially those daggy ones that had cardboard letters you could slot into little pockets to spell your name on the front. ( I was never one of the "cool" kids!)Far and away the very BEST bit of back-to-school-stationary was a new set of Textas! Loved everything about them - smell, colour and pristine tips that hadn't been ground away to furry oblivion by a years worth of tough colouring. sigh. Feeling nostalgic - might have to go to the newsagents ....

  3. Another Aussie who remembers Textas but a new set of crayons were the best. And I always hoped I would get a set of beautiful Derwent coloured pencils but I'm afraid they were never in my mum's school budget list and I always got the cheap and cheerful ones. The Creative Paper Jewelry book looks very intriguing.

  4. Pencils. I always LOVE new pencils. Heck. Old pencils too. Picking up a box of new colored pencils was such a treat for me growing up. Now, when I open my leather case of artist's colored pencils, I still take in a whiff of that wonderful wood smell. And mechanical pencils? Such a wonderful invention. They were the first thing I would plop into the cart and the first thing I would "lose" at school because people always wanted to borrow them! But it's ok. It only meant I had to tell my mom to take me to the store so I could buy more.

    Ahh. Pencil love :)

  5. My favorite kid back to school supply was a compass. I loved making overlapping circles of different sizes and then coloring in the spaces to make art. A little like Zentangles a very meditative art project. No question art was one of my favorite subjects in school. Back to school later in my life as a teacher meant a good deal on pocket folders and post its so I could organize my student class lists, seating charts and grading sheets for the year. I had up to 750 students to track being a music teacher. A must so my students thought I knew all their names all the time!! LOL

  6. That seems like an interesting book.

    As for supplies, I think the one thing I enjoyed most as a kid was getting new paper for wrapping the book covers of our new (old) school books. And the name stickers to put on it.

    When I got a little older and we didn't have to protect our text books the same way, it was probably getting a new pencil case and school diary/Filofax.

  7. When i was young my favorite back to school supplies were notebooks. i adored the pretty notebooks with all of the colors. i especially loved the ones that had kitty cats on them. we would get them at a small store in buchanan...the "stationary center." oh my has the world changed since then!

  8. Looks like a great book - and THANKS so much for the giveaway!

    My favorite new school supply was the 3-ring binder/notebook. The outer cover color/design was very important, of course, but what was so INSPIRING and EXCITING were all those brand-new, clean sheets of paper inside - so pure, so inviting to fill with new thoughts and new learning and new drawings.

    I still get excited by it!

  9. the book sounds great, and it's right up my alley. my favorite beads for my work are paper beads,from magazines,newspapers,old school papers,comic books,etc.i would love to win it.
    my favorite school supply is one of my son's they are pencils,that have small cartrides of lead,when it's dull or broke you pull it out from the top and push it into the bottom and BAM,you have anew cartrigde,sharpened lead and all.
    barbara hopkins at

  10. THE GLUE!!!!


  11. My pencil box. Yeah, I am THAT old.Unless I am hallucinating, I had an awesome wooden pencil box with a top that slid open and closed. Now gimme that book! ;)

    jean xox

  12. There was always something special as a new box of crayons as a little child. I remember nothing matched my joy in first opening a new box and seeing the colors and everything nice and neat. Taking the first one from the box to start a new creation was a thrill beyond compare!

    THe book sounds wonderful!

  13. My favorite back to school supplies are the pens and pencils!

  14. My favorite back to school supply was a brand new notebook. Still, today, I use a notebook for important notes about a jewelry tip or shortcut, a new book, a website, tons of stuff really. There is so much information out there, you need a reliable "go to" information storage area. Also, a recent addition is a sketchbook to quick sketch a thought or inspiration.
    The book looks great! 'would love it!

  15. Hands down my favorite school supply back in the day was crayons. I loved all the colors, how they looked new and even how they smelled!!

  16. wow..nice post you have...keep it up..