September 12, 2010

Song Lore Saturday (on Sunday): Playground

Well, it took me all weekend to get to it, but here is this week's Song Lore post.  I am continuing the theme of schooltime and childhood with the song inspiration "Playground" by XTC.  I think it is a charming song about the politics of the schoolyard playground and how the lessons learned there prepare one for life, good or bad.

"Brain gets bent, heart gets broken
You can't jump off once the pages turn
School is out but never over
That's the only lesson you can learn

Playground, it's a playground
Marked by the masters
And bruised by the bullies in the
Playground, every day ground
Never stop rehearsing
Rehearsing for the big square world"
I thought a little about my own playground memories. I remember the swings and the slide and the various metal playsets.  But I remember the simple games we played on the asphalt more.  Hopscotch, jump rope, and just huddling around with the other girls, singing songs and trading friendship pins for our shoes (seed beads strung onto safety pins).  This was about 3rd grade.  There was also lots of girlie drama, which I never fully understood (of which I documented in my E.T. diary at the time).  I learned that girls could be incredibly mean to one another, for no apparent reason. Perhaps that's why the majority of my close friendships have been with boys when I got older.  Although boys have their own kinds of drama...

Anyway, I started three pendants today based on the song "Playground".  They are terra cotta frames with the insides painted black.  I used a white colored pencil to sketch different hopscotch boards inside the frames.  I also used a thin mechanical pencil to blacken and tighten up some of the white, but it reflected in the photograph so it looks a little messy.  Hopefully by the time I pour Ice Resin in the frames, the darkness will even out. I love the way the white pencil looks on the black background...just like chalk! I plan to string these with some game pieces, links made from an old ruler, and perhaps recreate some of those friendship pins as links, too.

Here is a video for XTC's Playground

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  1. those pendants are amazing - what a clever and cool idea!