September 18, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Old and Gray

Today's Song Lore post is another one about school and youth. While I was playing with my pens and pencils while working on my pieces for the last two Song Lore posts, I had this idea to cut up some colored pencils so the colorful cores were exposed.  I had this great copper bezel from Nunn designs and fit a bunch of the slices of pencil into it with a tip of a pencil.  I filled it with Ice Resin, along with two little round link bezels to match.  I am very happy with these pieces!

 The song that provides the inspiration is Old and Gray by the Dance Hall Crashers.  I can really relate to these lyrics:

"I remember when I used to be so young and so carefree
Now my life is filled with problems and responsibilites
Getting home by four to watch richie rich and scooby-doo
Was all that ever worried me, it was all I had to do
Looking at the older kids, always thought they were so great
Saw them hanging out at parties, always got to stay out late
By the time I reached that age the novelty had all but faded
Now that we are old and grey we've become annoyed and jaded"
Maybe the pieces I made are not clearly reflected in this inspiration, but something about the mention of the cartoons makes me think of my personal experience.  I did love the cartoon shows, and spent many hours coloring with pencils and crayons and markers.  I don't use them much anymore, but just seeing them makes me think of being a kid.  I also like the contrast of the song title "Old and Gray" with the very colorful pendant.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a video clip of this song anywhere, so here is a song that I have never heard by the Dance Hall Crashers called "Go".  I love the sound of this kind of ska... it reminds me of high school and always seems to get me energized and bouncing all around!

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  1. Very cool resin pieces! At first, I thought they were crystals...Then I read your post and took a closer look...Love it :o)

  2. Very cool! You know what the first thing that came to mind was? That episode of MacGyver where he reconstructions the woman's face from her skull and eraser ends. Remember that?