September 24, 2010

People in Glass Houses

Well, it sure is the week for glass at my house!  First, the basement windows got removed and replaced with new glass block.  And then today...crash!

It was a super windy day today!  I didn't realize how windy it was until I heard a big noise outside.  I thought it was just the garbage can being blown around the yard, but was surprised to discover that my patio table had been knocked over.  The glass tabletop shattered into a million pieces!  Bummer...
It was a good little table.  It had been a hand-me-down from my parents.  I used it for two summers and we had many grilled dinners with friends crowded around it.  I also enjoyed it in the mornings, when the neighborhood was quiet and it was cool enough for me to work on beads.  Alas, it will be missed. Next spring, I will look for a new table.  Perhaps something without glass, something a bit bigger, maybe wood or metal.  I'll put the metal parts on the curb and some metal scrapper will pick it up...or maybe some inventive crafty person who can figure out how to reuse it.
I grabbed a few of the pieces of glass because I thought they were pretty.  It is that safety type glass that breaks into little pieces instead of shards.  I figure it might make a good photo backdrop.  I've been experimenting with different backgrounds and borders...what do you think?

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  1. Hi Melanie,

    Bummer on the broken table, but the pieces as a background look great with your work. I like the effects of the edges on the picture too.

  2. very cool photo- How did you get that cool effect on the edges!

    - sorry about your windy day. we had the same wind in NY!
    Lucky not to have too many broken things- just a few tipped over coleus pots on my porch.

  3. Thanks Yolanda!

    Lorelei, I have been looking at grunge borders that I overlay onto the pictures. It's kinda fun!

  4. It is the perfect background for your necklace. I had a patio table that did the same thing in the wind. Maybe some day I will replace mine.

  5. Ooops! I was thinking when I saw it that somebody could fit that table with wood and create a mosaic top.

  6. I love the broken glass as photo prop. It works perfectly with that piece.

  7. I love it! ... the glass as a background that is... not the fact that your table broke. That is a bummer. I was thinking you may be able to tumble some of the glass and end up with a bunch of cool little cubes of faux beach glass. Can see some neat ideas coming from that. Anyways, keep a bag or two of it. You never know what you may come up with to do with it!

  8. The background is cool! I do like the broken glass… We had a table break like that once and had a new piece of glass cut to replace it (those dang umbrellas will get you every time - up or not…). At the time it was cheaper to get the replacement glass than a new set. I like the idea of cutting a piece of wood and making a mosaic table… hmmm...

  9. sorry to hear about the table but it looks like you have a fab new background style - very unique

  10. That's a really cool background. I like the style (then again, I do love all glass, whole or broken). Too bad a table had to break for this to happen.

    Dad always saves all sorts of broken things and sure, sooner or later he comes up with a way to re-use it. And if he doesn't, me or my sis often find something fun and/or useful amongst all the things saved. Sometimes and idea comes directly, other times the stuff get used first years or decades later. Which goes to show that you should never through anything away. (Yes, we are a family of horders...)

  11. Maneki,
    I totally know where you are coming from. It's funny, because lots of my artist friends have replied to this talking about how it is a great opportunity to make something cool! But I have hoarding tendencies, too, and am trying to break them...I already have so many projects and I am learning my limitations.

  12. TOTALLY digging that as a photo prop! Maybe you can glue them to a board or something so that they won't move. That is an awesome way to make lemonade!
    Enjoy the day!