September 29, 2010

More New and Old Lumber

 I wanted to wait until October to start thinking about the whole Halloween thing, but I just love it too much to wait anymore!  Plus, I glazed these neat bones in a new white crawl glaze and I just love them!  They look like burnt painted wood!  I just did the two of them as a test...I am not sure what I will end up using this glaze combination on, but I see a lot of possibilities. It looks a lot like the wood around the old basement windows that I just had replaced, actually.  I have been wanting to get these rotting, peeling, and broken items out of my house in exchange for shiny new ones, but they do happen to inspire me as I am dragging them out to the curb on garbage day.
 So speaking of old and new things, you may recall that my glass patio table blew over in the strong winds the other day and it was destroyed.  It just happens that a plan for a new picnic table had been in the works, and part of it arrived today!  Alex's family is very involved with the Boy Scouts, and they had access to some slightly used items that were used for the big Jamboree this summer.  This is a huge event, and they bring lots of stuff for the boys, and when it is done, it gets auctioned off to raise money for the Scouts.  Alex saw these and thought they would be great for my yard!  It's a convertible table/bench, and I will be getting two of them, so we can fit ALL of our friends when we grill and have gatherings.  Maybe there is still time for an Autumn cookout to break in these tables?
Even Zoey approves!  We are going to head out today to get some stuff to treat the wood and do a few more projects around the house.  Hardware store, here we come again!

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