September 22, 2010

Kludge Windows

From the house that brought you Kludge Fence, I present... for one day only... Kludge Windows!
Here is a lovely collage of my eight basement windows.  They are lovingly crappily constructed from random pieces of glass, rotten wood, screen, nails, bars, assorted pieces of grating, and the occasional sock (you know... for insulation!)

I really hate these windows and am deeply embarrassed that I have lived with them for so long.  They look to me like something from the Flickr group Entrance to Hell, especially that top window at the front side of the house, which I revealed when I pulled the makeshift plywood board out of the window hole a couple of weeks ago.  Had I known they would have been as reasonable to replace as the quote I got, I probably would have done it years ago.  Decisions on this house were not always so fully in my hands, though.  Now that they are, I am making lots of progress to make the house more energy efficient and less of an eyesore.  I am quietly blogging while a guy is hammering away and busting out the old windows, in all of their kludge filled glory.  Hopefully by the end of the afternoon I will have some shiny new glass block window pictures to show you!

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  1. Wow those are ugly - love the flickr group! thanks for pointing it out

  2. Congratulations on the home improvement! When everything is all said and done, both the outside and inside will be different. The old light that filtered in will change. It's a subtle thing, but don't be surprised if you look around your basement and think that it too looks different.

  3. Thanks Andrew! The light in the basement is already so much better! When Jeremy comes home he will be so happy to have more light in his work space. And it will be warmer this winter too! I am very happy with it.

  4. i am sure the new windows will be much more energy efficient but the old ones look like they could or have inspired some pendants!
    i am working on some more earthenwood angels now using your oval faces!