September 1, 2010

Houses in a Row

I made this necklace at Bead Fest to show a house pendant and toggle from the Rustbelt Homestead line in action!   I am rather pleased with it, maybe more because I wasn't sure it was going to get finished because I was trying to do all those teeny seed beads at a show.
I have been super busy filling orders while trying to finish this dreaded refinance from hell.  They keep coming back with more hoops for me to jump through and an absurd amount of paperwork and procedures that appear to change hourly.  I can totally see why people don't bother or give up in this process but I am determined.  Someday I will get through this and it will all be just a memory.  But right now it is really stressful.

August was my best sales month in probably ever.  This is because of big orders that were placed at Bead & Button and Bead Fest, as well as two shows and a bunch of online sales.  Stores and designers stocking up for fall, I suppose.  I love being busy with orders, but sometimes it can be *feast or famine* and I get overwhelmed. I have just almost more than I can handle on my plate at the moment. I am chipping through them slowly but surely.
I have at least 4 books to review for the blog here, and new stuff I want to make, and I need to stock up for upcoming shows and submit projects for the spring magazines, but orders need to come first, so I better get to it...

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  1. I love the necklace you made at Bead Fest. I love those dark glazes you used for the house! It is just perfect.

  2. I love this piece Melanie! The way you offset the clasp just above the pendant like that looks gorgeous!

  3. I love the urban feel of your necklace. I am not a city girl (and I live in Las Vegas -go figure?* LOL) but I sure would venture out for a night on the town with that one!! Nice balance in your design.