September 13, 2010

Home and Studio Changes

 One of the new Wholesale Bundles I listed in the Etsy shop.  This one is called Serenity Foliage and comes with a bonus assortment of silk cords!
I am feeling pretty good today, except for a little achy and tired from yesterday's yardwork.  It is coming along slowly.  I am pulling out the bushes that line the old fence and removing them down to the roots so they don't come back and disturb the new fence.  It is hard to do this while the remnants of the old fence are still up, but I still need a fence for the dog.  So I am doing the best I can until the DIY fair is over this weekend, and after that, there will be destruction!  I bought a dog tie post so she can go on a leash outside (which she will NOT like) or I might just take her to her gramma's house for an extended stay.  Next week I get glass block windows, too, so I am hoping for a whole week of doing house stuff in preparation for fall and winter!
Today my brother/the roomie started his first day of teaching at the community college.  He will be gone Mondays and I am excited about the changes that this new schedule brings.  There is just something about the quiet of an empty house that makes me feel peaceful.  (Not that he is a loud party animal or anything, I just like the solitude). I got up after he left this morning and am ready to get to work.
I am looking forward to getting to the studio today, as I have a pretty clean slate and I have to make stuff for the fair that is new and fun.  It's a little bit scary but I haven't really played in the studio for a while so I think it will be good.  Sometimes it gets overwhelming when I have a day like this, though, because I have SO many ideas I don't know where to start.  I just have to jump in...

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  1. I can so relate to loving the solitude and having the house to myself. I still have two adult children living at home, so when everyone leaves for work in the morning I'm so happy I sometimes dance around the house and giggle maniacally and then feel guilty because I'm happy being alone and feel like a terrible mother. Mother guilt....who invented that!
    The pieces in your Serenity Foliage a re beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful mix -- I really like the leaves in there, they created a lovely autumnal feeling.