September 14, 2010

Down to the Wire

 Still working away at orders and getting stuff made for the DIY fair this weekend.  I am really short on time for this show, so I am working on some very quick and simple pieces of jewelry.  I bought a bunch of thin necklace cables in a variety of colors and am adding my handcrafted charms to them. I hope it will be an item that this younger crowd will like and it is good for me because I can just pull the unsold charms right off after the show and I'll be ready for a bead show.  

I've got some brand new bone charms which are shown above.  I also have a bunch of my classic punky red and black hearts on red and black wires which should appeal to the rocker types at the show.  I am expecting a weekend full of great people watching, as the area is full of all sorts of unique people who will be out tasting beer and listening to music all day and night.  I am a little anxious about this show and how I will fit in and if I will enjoy it.  It has been a while since I did an art fair like this (excluding Maker Faire, which was a very different sort of show).  I am not used to competing with beer and food and loud music during a show, and this is definitely a show that is pretty focused on those things, so I am trying to adjust my expectations.  I'm so glad Alex and I will be splitting a booth!  That helps with some of the pressure.  Back to more making!

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  1. love those cables! I would imagine lots of your beads/charms would work on those. Are you taking some blank for people to pick their own? might be a thought since it looks to be a pretty easy thing to put together?

  2. Good luck I hope you have a blast. You bring new meaning to "Give a dog a bone!! LOL