August 11, 2010

Viridis Machina

In the latest issue of Creative Jewelry, Andrew Thornton created a gorgeous necklace called Viridis Machina using a pendant of mine from the Toolbox Treasures collection.  I listed it on my website for anyone who is interested.
The resin experiments of yesterday were successful and I will photograph them later.  I also would like to get a coin battery and see if I can make some light happen!  It was fun to play around with different things yesterday, but today has been about getting back to work.  I have been glazing like a little machine and I am so tired of it.  But I only have one more set of beads to glaze and then we are all going out to dinner and for a brainstorming trip to Ikea!  I am ready to think about some fall projects like doing my bedroom.  But for now, back to work!

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  1. It was a real pleasure using this component in the piece. Ha ha ha... you said that you were glazing like a "machine"... you were glazing like a "machina"! :-)

  2. hehe! yep, glazing like a machine... see what I did there?

  3. I saw that piece by Andrew and loved it. Ikea, one of my favourite places. Unfortunately, I have to drive half a day to get to one. Hope you enjoy your Ikea trip!

  4. Not been to Ikea yet (need a passport to go to the closest one) Have a great time! Love Andrews piece!

  5. Keep at it! Almost there! Can't wait to see the resin experiment.
    Enjoy the day, Melanie!