August 14, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: She Blinded Me With Science

Today's Song Lore inspiration is the classic geeky song She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby.  My friends have a tendency to call back to this retro song when we are talking about science related things by yelling out "Science!" like the professor does so dramatically in the song.
The pictures in today's post are the results of the Ice Resin and LED experiments I did earlier in the week with Jimmie Rodgers and Mitch Altman.  The casts turned out wonderfully!  The LEDs are embedded inside and I was even able to test them out with a battery:
Neat, huh?  The one above is an amber resin cast of one of my fairy flower designs with a green LED when pressed against a small coin battery.
We tested several colors and combinations of LED color/resin colors which we cast into vintage button molds that I had on hand.

Jimmie's favorite seemed to be the mold I had made of a gummy bear, into which he inserted two LEDs for the eyes.  So cute!  I would love to try to do a robot design of some sort.  Of course now, I need to learn a little bit of circuitry and electronics or engineering to set these into some finished item.  I learned a lot from this experiment, and look forward to seeing what happens if I apply more SCIENCE! to my work!

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  1. I love how they turned out. Inspirational to use LED lights! I espeically love the Gummi Bear!

  2. Oh no you didnt! That is totally off the hook! I love them all.

  3. Love those! I wanna do resin now.

  4. Oh my gosh, that's amazing! But now I've got that song stuck in my head...

  5. OMG OMG OMG These are awesome!!!!!

  6. Very cool Melanie… Do you have anything in mind for these? Or just in experiment mode (love that mode!)...

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Marsha, I would love to take the next step and figure out some small circuitry or some way to get that battery attached to make some jewelry, but it's a bit over my head now and I need some time with the right people to help me out. We shall see...

  8. My favorite geek song of all times. My favorite line:
    Good heavens Miss Sakamoto - you're beautiful!

  9. what can I say? you are fantastic!!!

    jean xox

  10. I blogged about you on my blog
    I loved your stuff at BeadFest !

  11. How awesome!
    A pure copper metal pin that is bent and hooks into a loop could be the catch and the circuit.

    So all you would need to do is embed the bent pin with the led in the resin.

    I wish I could draw you what I am talking about.
    I have a pin that does this and it could be easily converted into a pendant.

    Whatever you decide to do with them is going to be fabulous!

  12. Suze, thanks! I added you to my blog roll!

    yeah, I think I would need to see it. I am having trouble visualizing this circuitry stuff. Fortunately, I have friends that may be able to help!