August 20, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: River of Orchids

Today's Song Lore inspiration is the song River of Orchids by XTC.  This song is really quite simple, lyrically, with just a few lines repeating over and over.  But those lines are full of brilliant imagery that has haunted me for many years.  This song could inspire a whole year's worth of work, it is just that meaningful to me.  

The toggle clasps above are inspired by the line:
"It's all in your back yard
You've the whole world at your feet
I said the grass is always greener when it bursts up through concrete"

I love that image so much... Nature bursting through the concrete, showing us who is in charge, even when we think we can pave over it.  I have really been feeling this lately as I fight to tame the back yard.  And it makes me think of the pictures I have seen of "feral houses", particularly the ones taken in Detroit.
The line of the song that has really inspired me is this:

"I had a dream where the car is reduced to a fossil"

 I have long wanted to make an object that looked like it was a fossil of a car.  I chose to use a spark plug to do this, because it is a small and recognizable item associated with a combustion engine and the auto industry, and it looks a little like a small fossil (say a trilobite or something) and is a nice, wearable size.  I molded a spark plug and above is the first pressing of it.  I need to make a second mold and my intention is to make more of them, adding more fossil-like textures and surfaces. 

The concept behind this object is not just about Nature, but also brings in my thoughts about living in Detroit, the Motor City, in a time where the industry is so troubled and seems to be dying and fossilizing around itself.

Here is a rather trippy video of River of Orchids

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  1. You expressed it perfectly, the different faces of the world, particularly the feel of Detroit, and I also like the details of those ceramic pendants. Those parts are good to go, or you can oxidize it or paint it with a bit of white stripes,red is also good., but not too much.

  2. Love the new toggles and the sentiment! Nature does tend to show us who is boss!