August 12, 2010


It's crazy busy glaze-a-thon day!  I am trying to get as much glazed and ready to fire today so I can enjoy ConStruct this weekend (though I will be bringing work there too, but fun work I can share with others).  I have to get all my stuff ready to leave on Wednesday for Bead Fest, which will be a challenge, because I have to pack a half booth of beads, display, and sales stuff for air travel, which is new for me. I am a little bit of a panicked mess, but I will get it together, somehow... I always do.
Just taking a break to blog while my lunch heats up.  I took the picture above in the neighborhood while walking the dog yesterday.  It is a light post that is filled with staples and nails, and I really like the look of it.  I think it has a sense of local history. I think of all the garage sale signs and lost dog notices were attached to this piece of wood over the years.

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  1. Love the pic of the post! What a lot of history! Have a great weekend and have fun!

  2. I love that picture. So much texture and history. Good luck this weekend.

  3. I think a mold of sections of that lamp post would be so cool on your work. New textures. Yummee.