August 2, 2010

Maker Faire, Creative Jewelry, and Furnace Fire

 Well I survived the weekend and Maker Faire!  It was an awesome event and I was very pleased to be a part of it.  It was very different from any show that I have done in the past, and it was my first attempt at an outdoor show in many years.  It was very hot (particularly yesterday) but the weather was clear and mostly good.  We didn't have to put up a tent, so that was an extra bonus. I sold a couple of larger pieces which surprised me and I did pretty well overall, sales wise.  I was testing this DIY market, which is different than the traditional art fairs that I had done in the past. I am ready to give the outdoor shows another chance, having not done one in many years now.  I am planning to apply to another one for later on this summer and maybe to some winter ones too.
I haven't blogged yet about the many pieces I wrote for Creative Jewelry magazine, a gorgeous annual issue from Interweave Press.  I had quite a few pieces of my own and several projects that other designers wrote featuring my beads.  So I will dedicate this week to Creative Jewelry!
I made this Furnace Fire necklace with my Steam Stone furnace design and accent beads mixed with Vintaj brass, a Green Girl Studios clasp, and rich Swarovski Austrian crystals and pendant.  I saw a lot of crazy cool firey machines, kilns, and furnaces this weekend, so I thought this would be appropriate for today's post.  It's a little Victorian and a little industrial, so it has a steampunky quality to it.  Fire on!

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  1. Don't you just love Interweave Press? I love the quality of their projects and the ideas they showcase. Kudos to you! :D

  2. I also love the quality of their projects and hey to see you in it is a super bonus!