August 9, 2010

Little White Lies and House Beads

 So, I lied yesterday, when I said that it was my last day of clay work for Bead Fest.  Well, I didn't *really* lie, I guess, as it was my intention to finish last night when I wrote it.  Three things conspired against this plan.  First, the last things I made last night were more of the house pendants like the ones I had Raku fired earlier this summer.  My intention is to not Raku them, but to glaze them in my normal high fire glazes.  As I made them, I remembered how much I liked them, and really wanted more, but I was SO tired!  I worked until midnight and crashed.  When I woke up today, I considered making more, and then I got my mail delivered.  The new fall issue of Stringing magazine was there for me!  While I expected to see a project or two of mine in the issue, I was surprised by the little editorial review, shown above.  It has one of my houses!  The review was so nice and I thought I would really love to have this as my newest work for Bead Fest.  So that was the second thing that changed my mind.  Finally, I received notice that a discontinued glaze that I thought I had found (and ordered) online was indeed unavailable, so it changed the direction I was taking for my big order for Fusion beads (new fall stuff, coming SOON, over there!)  Since I had already glazed some items for them in that discontinued color, I had to select another color, and thus I had to remake a batch of beads.  Whew!  So, long story short, I made lots of beads today, LOL. And I am exhausted, but I feel better about my order and about my stock for Bead Fest.  I might be able to pull this off, after all!

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  1. LOVE the window piece; I just finished a piece made with a red one last week and finally got good pictures yesterday.

    Try to get some rest in all that bead making!

  2. Loved the review in the Stringing magazine. It is so cool to see articles like that about wonderful artists! Congrats on finishing up all your work! Now go and relax :)

  3. I'll have to pick up that one just to see the review and oogle over the projects! Hey which is better for you? Shopping on Etsy or buying through Fusion? Let me know please!


  4. Congratulations! I can't wait until my issue arrives!

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Kristen, I love shopping with Fusion, and not just because they carry my own beads. They have a great full service shop and are consistent. I design jewelry primarily for articles, so I need to order from stores that have a long shelf life. I don't order many supplies from Etsy for this reason...but I do use Etsy for gifts and one of a kind artist beads and supplies. Hope that answers your question!