August 5, 2010

Gears in Motion

 Yet another project I designed for Interweave's Creative Jewelry!  This one is called Gears in Motion and has a nice hardware store feeling to it, I think.  A fancy hardware store, at least, hee hee. The hammered washers and rings with mini washers gives the necklace a lot of movement and the glass pearls make it very elegant.

I had a successful meeting with one of my galleries this morning!  She bought up almost all of the new Tinker Trinket pendants (thanks for the name Amy!) that I made for and during Maker Faire.  They were great sellers at the show, and I ended up making several in the booth to replenish stock as it sold.  I am very encouraged by this interest in the new work, because I have longed to get back to some of my metalworking techniques for many years now.  I started out as a jeweler in college, you know?  Many moons ago.  I am really eager to do more of this work, but for now I have to finish up orders and get some stock made for Bead Fest.  I am running out of time for Bead Fest though, as ceramics take so much time and firings.  I might end up making more of these mixed media pendants so I have something new to sell.  It's something to think shall I best manage my time?
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  1. Great necklace, and you are absolutly right about that "sophisticated"-hardwarestore feeling:-)

  2. beautiful and congras? is that bead fest philly you are going to be at? i am going -

  3. steufel, Thanks!

    marie, YES! We must meet up! I am going a couple of days early with my booth partner Diane Hawkey!

  4. You never stop amazing me! I love your work! I left you something on my blog!