August 26, 2010

Bead Fest Treasures!

It's taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things after Bead Fest, but I think I have mostly recovered!  I wanted to share with you all the goodies I collected at the show! 

I was particularly interested in fossils, which started with the idea of the spark plug fossil that I am working on. I wanted to get some real fossils to use in jewelry designs and also some to make molds of.  Above is a strand of ammonites.  They are very subtle and beautiful in person, with little rainbow shimmers and nice detail.  I'm not sure what I will do with them, but I liked them a lot and they were surprisingly affordable.
Above are more fossils.  I got the trilobites and the pyrite ammonites from the same vendor as the strand at the top, one that had tables and tables of strands and stones.  I will probably mold them and then maybe figure out a way to set them in Vintaj brass.  The other cabs and beads are more unique, hand cut from the studio of Gary Wilson.  His family business is also Michigan based, so I enjoyed talking with the staff about my Detroit fossil project and I picked up some perfect things for it: the beads made of Fordite (the two white-ish pieces above), the copper beads, the beautiful cut ammonite, and the rusty license plate stone.
Next up, I collected a fun array of items from Yvonne at My Elements.  Her booth is really fun!  It's full of lightweight, very colorful things that is a treat to the eyes.  Of course, I tend toward the earth tones, so I ended up finding the darkest and brownest items in her booth, it seems.  I found some fun olive chain and this really cool olive rubber tubing and a bunch of colored O-Rings.  I did get some reds and yellows and limes, so I think that will add a nice splash of color to something.  I don't know how I will use these yet, but they will be fun to play with.
ooh boy, did I have fun in the Glass Garden booth!?!  Old watch faces, old keys, coin tokens...some of my favorite things!  And now I have a reason to collect them, as I have been using them in my mixed metal pendants.  I also got some of their delightful flower shapes cut out from bottlecaps and some new hearts (called Tarts) that were cut from recycled sheet metal (like old trays and file cabinets). Oh and look, a pretty, glassy beads hiding in the mix...made by the lovely Kerry Bogert!  I was so happy to get to spend time hanging out with her and Lorelei and Nancy and the other girls!  We had lots of fun!

Last but not least, I managed to do a trade with my booth neighbor Jennifer from Spotted Moon Designs.  She was a great show neighbor and had really beautiful glass and metal work.  I had spotted the earrings on the first day and when I noticed they were still there on Sunday, I snatched them up, along with a set of beads and a cool copper toggle.

So that's my show stash!  I got some real treasures, dontcha think?

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  1. How funny, I picked up some fossils to so that I could make molds from them. Isn't Gary Wilson's table the best? I always blow my budget there.

  2. I LOVE the first strand of ammonites! Do you remember the vendor - are they online?

  3. Totally droolworthy, Miss Melanie! I love them. Glass Garden has such treasures! I love those flower bottle caps and used them in a very awesome design. And keys! Swoon! Intrigued by the fossils and where you will be leading us...
    Enjoy the day!

  4. peacockfairy, they came from but I don't know if the whole catalog is online. They had a lot of stuff!

    Thanks Erin and Diana!

  5. OMG what great treasures!!!!! I can not wait to see what you create with them! I am so glad you had a great time! Oh I have to say them there keys are makin me drool big time!!!!!


  6. Love that you all post pictures of the Bead Shows. You can't imagine all the money you have saved me by putting your eye candy on the blog!!
    LOL! Love the fossils!! Thank you for linking to your fave sellers. I will go check them out.
    I have a funny new character on my blog and a giveaway. Come see!!