July 5, 2010

Sorting Projects

This morning I have enjoyed the quiet in the neighborhood.  There were lots of fireworks last night, so I guess everyone is wanting some peace for a while this AM.  Well, except the garbage trucks are out and about, which I didn't think would be happening because of the holiday, so I woke up suddenly from a lazy sleep before 9 to run out in my jammies to put the trash out.  eep!

Anyway, I was feeling like doing some sorting or organizing, and I remember being asked a question a few times recently that I didn't have an answer for:  "How many project articles have you written?"  I have had no idea.  When I first started around 2006, I kept a running list on my website of all of my press and I also kept a nice scrapbook.  But that got hard to update around and I finally just started stacking the magazines into a big pile, which has been my organizing method for the past two years or so.  I usually blog about the press that comes out, but sometimes I get too busy.  So I had no idea how many articles and I decided to make a spreadsheet to find out.  To make it easy, I just recorded the projects that I designed and wrote (not the extra press or work of other designers or the simple bracelet and earring designs without written instruction).  My total is right around 70 so far!  I must say, I am pretty impressed with myself! *pats self on back*

It was really good to go back and look at the last four years of published work and see how I have grown.  And I am now newly inspired to get designing and writing again for the future.
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  1. Wow - thats alot of articles. You should pat yourself on the back.

  2. That is a lot of articles! You should make a scrapbook of them all. I am just starting with the publications, but what I usually do is keep a copy of the publication in it's entirety and then I have a binder with page protectors in it that hold the project pages I have taken out of the magazine.

  3. new pieces look fab! On online list of your writing (w/links) would be great

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Peacockfairy, I tried to do that and succeeded for a while, but then life stuff happened, and i never got back to it. :( I did weed through my magazines a lot today, though, so maybe one day it will be easier!

    ArtSnark, Maybe I will put them up on my website, but I don't think I can link to many of them, because I think I'd have to scan them in. I wish I had the time. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Oh my..love the goodies in the pic... :)

    ~ Laura (Moags)