July 31, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Manticore's Lullabye

Ok, today's Song Lore inspiration is a little different.  It was actually someone else's inspiration before it was mine.  My friend Sheryl and I were out craft supply shopping and she mentioned wanting an amber lock because of a song by SJ Tucker called Manticore's Lullabye.  I liked the idea of an amber lock and remembered that I had just bought a beautiful lock at an antique store that I wanted to mold.  I also remembered that I had been wanting to try casting the Ice Resin into rubber molds and I also bought some amber resin dye.  So I set out to do this experiment one night. Here are the results!  The casting turned out ok, but my brother, the Mold King, told me that I should try a release spray next time, because my casting turned out to have a pretty rough texture.  After I cast it, I tried to give it a blackened finish in the crevasses, and I used Rub N Buff, which was probably not the best choice   At least, it was not the best choice for that rough finish, because it took a lot of cleaning to get the high surfaces back to amber.  Good lessons, overall, and a successful enough casting to want to try again with some modifications.  I have a zillion rubber molds, so this opens up a lot of possibilities.  So Sheryl will get this amber lock next time I see her...hope you like it, Sheryl...thanks for the inspiration!
SJ Tucker is a musician and storyteller who is well known with my friends for her performances at conventions and her wonderful folky music.  She has a wonderful library of songs that are sure to appeal to lovers of myth and literature and fandom, and her music is available on her website.

Here is a video of SJ performing this song that I found on You Tube, but you can find a clearer version to listen to (and buy!) on her website.
"My amber cage had an amber lock
and the girl had an amber key
and a manticore was bound and sore
in the city in the trees."

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  1. I like it! I really do! And I think that the black really makes it stand out to me more. Well done experiment, Melanie!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. To me this piece is perfection! I so love all of it!

  3. I just loved this post Melanie! It contains so many wonderful ideas. From the inspiration from the song, to the molding of the antique, to the making of the piece. More jewelry makers should put so much thought into their work!

  4. ZOMG I love this (obviously, as the manticore was originally my girl) so hard!

  5. Yuki-onna, I am so glad to hear that you like it! I know it was inspired by you, and once again you have inspired me!

  6. <3 <3 <3 Thank you for sharing this.