July 17, 2010

Song Lore Saturday: Landed and Mess

Today is a two song inspiration, maybe that makes up for missing the one the other week.  I have been listening to Pandora a lot and really love it!  I get a good mix of music and have been liking and unliking things to get a blend of music that I enjoy.  For some reason, though, in the last couple of months, I have been hearing a LOT of Ben Folds on my Pandora stations.  Like, a LOT of him!  Which is ok, because I do like him, but I never really gave him a good listen.  Maybe because he is depressing as hell!  lol.  But that's ok sometimes, listening to sad music can help either lift the blues or let you wallow in it and really feel it until it passes.  I guess that's how I feel about Ben.  So I am going to get these songs out of my system so maybe they will pass...
The first one is "Mess".  As I have been struggling this year with post-divorce house related issues, this song has played through my head many times.  These house issues are probably why I am making so many house and construction themed things lately, as I am cleaning up the mess of many years of neglect and trying to reclaim this space as my own.  Well, at least I am not setting the little houses on fire anymore, which is what my whole Raku phase may have been about, on a deep psychological level, lol.

"there are rooms in this house that i don't open anymore
dusty books of pictures on the floor
that she will never see
she'll never see that part of me

all alone as i've learned to be
in this mess i have made"
The second song inspiration from Mr. Folds is "Landed".  While still sad, it is a bit more uplifting, and shows someone with some new hope.  There are a lot of great songs with imagery of doors opening and closing, and this one is no exception.  So here are a few new door pieces that I have made, inspired by that image:
"But I opened my eyes and walked out the door

And the clouds came tumbling down
And it's bye-bye, goodbye I tried"

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  1. Love the door pieces! Works perfect with the keys!

  2. Great work as always!

    I love Ben Fold's work. You should check out some of the collaborations he did with Regina Spektor. They're a little bit happier in that bubbly, quirky, hipster way that Regina Spektor is.

  3. I have heard a song or two on Pandora from Ben and Regina and really liked them!


  4. Love the new door/key pieces.
    ~Laura (Moags)