July 1, 2010

Plans and Time

I'm pretty tired tonight after a long day of work and play.  I did my shipping this morning and did a bunch of odd work things, then glazed orders for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  Then I drove Jeremy to the airport because he is going to FRANCE!  omg so exciting!  He is a special guest in a very important ceramics biennial in Vallauris.  I'm so proud of him!  After I dropped him off, I headed to see my friends for breakfast for dinner at the Construct party. And I was getting tired, so I headed home to get my kiln loaded.  Busy day!  For the next couple of days, since the boys are away, I plan to get some house cleaning and serious work done.  We'll see how that plan works...

This is another pendant I made in my class last weekend.  I wanted to use some of the gears that were not being used in class to show a little variety.  Also, I used that tiny porcelain watch part that I made just for these new pendants.  I really love the details in it!  I have this pendant listed in my etsy shop.

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